Battle Of Yorktown

By: Sulayman

The seige of yorktown

On October 9, 1781 the British has tried to take over Yorktown but we were ready. We had people to lead us like George Washington ( in first pic.). And we even had more luck the French was helping us out to fight against the British. We might win this war since we are leaded by our commander and have our courage.

The battle has started

The battle started from the gun shot, the British has about 8,000 troops but the colonist and the French has around 24,000. The out come can be anyone but the colonist have the upper hand. Many people died from the war but the fight still went on. In the middle of the battle field there was a lot of bloodshed so general Charles decided to surrender. it was a victory for today but another war might start tomorrow. But we will have people by our side to support us and lead us.