Teacher Connection

February 5, 2016

Open House - Student Led Conferences

When: February 20, 2016

When: 3:30-6:00

Where: REC Classroom

What is a student led conference?

It is a conference with the student's family member in which the student leads to demonstrate learning that took place during the 2nd trimester.

How long will the conferences be?

Although the maximum slot allotted to each child is 15 minutes, please plan for a 5 minute presentation led by the student. The extra minutes could be used for introductions, closing, and parent inquiries.

What do I need to present at the conference?

As your students are demonstrating their personal growth & learning, they will be presenting projects or explaining concepts they have learned. They may even quiz their parents to see how well the parents can respond.

Please email your Open House topic and a brief description to your HOI Zohra Sabzaali by Friday February 12, 2016.

Benefits of Student-Led Conferences:

  • As the student leads the discussion, he/she gains a deeper understand of the concept.
  • Student goes from being an observer to being the leader of the conference
  • Families are more engaged in the discussion about Talim/UJP content with the child than with the teacher
  • As teachers prepares for the child the lead the discussion, teacher ensures that the content led by the student has been mastered
  • Increases student and family motivation to deliver and attend the conference

Attendance Matters!

Teachers, please ensure you complete your attendance and topic covered sheets by 3:45 pm (4:45 pm for pre-primary) and place it outside of your classroom door. Student Council will pick up the binders.

As a friendly reminder, you only need to mark students who are present. Absents and tardies will be recorded by the HDMAR, Khurram Kabiruddin.