Lewis and Clark Library

The Month That Was...October 2013


  • Page Turner's Book Club is in full swing for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and their siblings.
  • Celebrated 132 KC3 and Mark Twain Readers who have already qualified to vote.
  • Storytelling Club kiddos have picked their stories and are busy learning how to tell them the very best they can.
  • Kindergarten students are currently learning how to log on the computer.
  • First and Second graders are sharing their learning about insects with others.
  • Third, fourth, and fifth graders finished the cardboard arcade and started working on Genius Hour project ideas. So much to learn!

By The Numbers...

  • Materials Circulated: 9,323
  • Classes Taught: 122
  • Page Turner Attendance: 329
  • Storytelling Attendance: 122
  • MT Qualifiers 4th grade: 31
  • MT Qualifiers 5th grade: 38
  • KC3 Qualifiers: 59
  • Above & Beyond Readers: 44