ECON 2302 - Got Grade Improvement?

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Want to have the opportunity to drop your two lowest Aplia homework scores? Then take this short quiz. When you are done take a screen shot of the Certificate of Achievement, send it to me as an attachment and I will drop your two lowest homework scores. Plus, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points towards your final exam score depending on how well you do. If you score a 90% you earn 9 points, If you score a 70% your get 7 points, etc. How does that sound? If you are up for it just click on the link below to be taken to a quiz with approximately 9 to 10 questions on it. The quiz is timed at 18 to 20 minutes depending upon how many questions you are asked to answer (2 minutes per question). There are no resets on these quizzes. The quiz must be completed before the final exam begins. If you are ready you can take it now or wait until a later day and time. The quiz covers theories of the firm including pure competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly. You must not leave the testing environment until you are done. Please know that your IP address will be recorded.

Make sure you supply your CRN number for the course that you registered for. It will be either of the two numbers below. Just check your fee statement to confirm.

CRN# 81750 and 74958

Below is the screen shot of the first page you will see. All of this information must be filled in correctly. For my name just write "Gosselin". For the college just write "Central DE"

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