Every so often there is a storm and most of us don`t no how to stay safe and what to do if someone got struck by lightning. I will look for shelter, unplug all power cords and call the ambulance if someone is struck.

When lightning hits it can hit high things such as, poles, trees and unbrellas, if you are touching this when the ligtning strucks you will get hit aswell. The best place to go is under shelter, indoors, cars but not tents so you dont get hit.

For some people you are home or indoors already when there is a storm, if you are I reccomend for you to unplug all power cords or the power points will explode and the system running.

There are some unlucky people in the world that have got struck by lightning. If you see someone that has got struck call the ambulance and don`t touch them. If you touch them you will get electricuted as well.

In conclusion stay safe with lightning by staying indoors, unplug power points and call the ambulance if someone has got struck.