Silas Marner

By George Elliot

What I Think About The Book

Personally I dislike this book, but only because it is harder to follow than Inception.

The plot line has decided to shift between 4 different places in time and continually switches between them. The thing about it is that it doesn't tell you when the time switches, they just expect you to know switch side-characters are in each timeline.

Though this book was written very well (for its time period), I think that it is not a really good read for kids today.

Character Analysis

In this book, there is only one main character, seeing as how the book revolves around his entire life, and the relationships between all the people in his life. Though there are a fain amount side characters (such as Silas's family), they play no important role.

Most of the main side characters are just Silas's family. These include,

  • Marcus - Father
  • Gerdy - Mother
  • Duncan - Lost Brother
  • Marissa - Little Sister
  • and Borley - Younger Brother
Though they pose no significance, they are still very deep characters. Mainly Silas's little sister, born after he was around 30 years old. After his father died, he showed almost a father like motivation to her.


Unfortunately, since this book has no basic plot line, it's hard to tell when there is a significant event, but what I got out of it was there were three main events that happened.

  • The bank in Silas's home town was robbed - This was a big deal because as the only source to hold peoples money in town, having a bank robbery is a very scary thought to people.
  • Silas's life savings/investment in gold was stolen during the bank robbery - This caused Silas to go into a rage, and everything he had done up to that point in the book became shattered and pointless.
  • And finally, the disappearance of his older brother Duncan - He (Silas) never showed interest in his family, but when his brother ran away, he seemed to take it very personally. This reflects later in the book, but otherwise is a pointless side story.

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