Romeo and Juliet

By: Kamren Chalmers the coolest

Kamren :)

Friar Lawrence is the main person who is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet even though they killed themselves. He married Romeo and Juliet,“Till holy church incorporate two in one” (Act:2 Scene:5,6). Since they got married. Romeo got into a fight with Tybalt and killed him then got banished. So he couldn’t see Juliet and she was freaking out. She wanted to be with him so she did whatever it took and faked her death. So now two people are dead in the family because of this marriage. He gave Juliet the potion,“Take thou this vial”(Act: 5 Scene: 1). Friar Lawrence gives this vial to Juliet and says take it and you will fake die for a few days then you will awake and go away with Romeo but Romeo was not there to hear it so he doesn’t know and thinks she’s really dead and wants to be dead with her.