Thursday Brief

November 29th

Staff Meeting

Thank you all for your feedback at the meeting! It made me think of Covey's 6th habit...synergy! We are better together! The sum of us as a team coming to solutions is much greater than what any of us individually could accomplish.

Here are the notes from that meeting with some proposed action steps and also the PP so you can revisit those reflective questions.

Discipline Feedback & Plan of Action

Notes and Plan from Staff Meeting on 11/27/18

Wonder the Possibilities Slide Presentation

Slideshow from staff meeting 11/27/18

From Mrs. Hoover

Phonics screener information due December 5th. Information will be collected and given to Ms. Dennis on the 7th.

Keep a close eye for emails pertaining to upcoming benchmark testing and on-line training.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, please send me the names of students that can benefit from the Anchored 4 Life TLC. You all requested more character education, and this is a great resource. This also benefits those classes that have “cliques” or girl drama. I sent this email out twice, but only have 3 students participating. Please only refer those students that do not have tutoring or labs at TLC time. Also, please send students that are not behavioral concerns, as this TLC is run by student team leaders.

It is not too late to refer students to anger management or mentoring. The forms are outside my door. Please come by and pick up the permission slips for these groups.

Please remember to return to me any ADHD paperwork you receive from parents. I will fax them or mail them to the physician. Please try to get the doctor’s name for me. This can help expedite the process.

From Mrs. Cristan

504 Students:

Please review your students’ 504 accommodations. By this time of the school year everyone should be familiar with the academic needs of their students and whether or not the accommodations in place are still effective, or additional ones, are needed.

Please remember to enter interventions and data into DMAC for your 504 students to track their success or areas of need.

If you believe any accommodation deletions/additions are needed (especially in the testing setting),

  • please contact the parents,
  • inform them of your observations, and
  • then let me know so that we may make the changes accordingly to the student’s plan.

If you have a student that is struggling, and is not making progress, please remember to enter your interventions, data, observations into DMAC in case additional testing is needed down the line.

Please let me know if you need any assistance or have any questions.


MRS. FEATHERBY is now officially an administrative intern :). You will be seeing her in this capacity.


There is space as follows. Please let me know if you have students THAT CAN ATTEND. Please contact me about availability and teacher and I will give you a permission AFTER you have confirmed with parent that student can attend.

Remember these students need to be "bubble kids" for passing since they will be working on grade level programs that target STAAR readiness.




STAAR Interim Assessment Tool

PLEASE LET JEANINE KNOW ASAP IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS WITH YOUR STUDENTS! If you do we want to administer both "opportunities" so we can measure growth. Thanks!!!

I know this was not useful last year, BUT it can be an amazing instructional tool if you choose to use it. Here are some facts/info. Please read through and let me and Jeanine know if you want to use the tool with your students (all or a certain group).

  • It is available now!
  • There are two versions of the test. Intended to be used to see growth over the year. Give "Opportunity 1" in the Fall and "Opportunity 2" in the spring.
  • It is not intended to be a "Mock" or Benchmark.
  • It does predict level of performance (Approach, Meet, Master) on the STAAR test.
  • It is two parts. The student completes part one, then it assigns part 2 based on how they did in part one. This is intended to not waste time and still gives accurate results and differentiates for the student.
  • Results are immediate and you can see down to the actual question a student missed!
  • We have to register the students (I'm having Jeanine do this now).
  • This does have Content and Language supports if needed.
  • It is available in Spanish.
  • It is the same platform as STAAR so online testers will get familiar.
  • You can assign students to lower grade level if you want.
  • EVERY item on this tool has been a field tested question on an actual STAAR test.
  • Not available for Writing at this time.
  • Results will be uploaded into DMAC.

Fun Run Sponsors!

We still don't have any sponsors! Please let me know if you know of a business that may be willing to help sponsor and I'll send them a letter.

Ware looking for business sponsors so we can buy all the kids shirts for our Fun Run. If you know anyone, please see the PDF file attached here!

Innovator's Mindset

I've seen this speaker in person and he's pretty funny. His measure of success-his kids don't live in his basement!!! In any case, he usually presents LOTS OF STATS which he didn't here, but it's an interesting perspective on the importance of developing the UNIQUENESS in each student and the importance of CREATIVITY in schools.


Friday, Dec. 7th, 6pm

1102 Cornerstone Drive

Corpus Christi, TX

We hope you can join us at the Ainsworth residence for our annual Christmas gathering! It will be a wonderful time to enjoy each other's company outside of work. Please bring a food item to share and your own beverage.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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November 29-December 6

29 Science Projects Due, Report Cards, Board Meeting

30 Science Fair Judging


3 POD 12 Nueces Delta

4 Science Fair Awards

6 End of Canned Food Drive & Family Literacy Night

7 HEB Share Your Christmas Appearance

Elementary Christmas Party at Ainsworth

November Birthdays! Happy Birthday!

Nov 6 Mary Lou McClendon
Nov 09 Martha Daubenspeck

Nov 09 Penny Robinson

Nov 15 Danny Jackson

Nov 20 Margaret Barnec

Nov 23 Brittany Hurst

December Birthdays! Happy Birthday!

Dec 18 Jessica Banister

Dec 23 Cynthia Flores

Dec 24 Christina Wyrick

Dec 26 Kelly Leal

Dec 26 Rebecca Morales

Jan 01 Jennifer Kaspar (New Year Baby!)

December/January Calendar Updated

Day December

3 POD 12 Nueces Delta

4 Science Fair Awards

6 End of Canned Food Drive & Family Literacy Night

7 HEB Share Your Christmas Appearance

Elementary Christmas Party at Ainsworth

11 4th Grade Music Performance

9:30 Lopez, Almaraz, Flores

1:45 Ready, McAliley, Falany, Jackson

12 4th Grade Music Performance

9:30 Robinson, Clark, Alvarado

13 Intermediate Helping Hands on Campus 9-10


18 Intermediate Choir Performance @ 9am

20 Holiday Sing-Along & Pajama Day

20 Progress Reports

21 Christmas Holiday

22 Christmas Holiday

23 Cindy Flores Birthday Christmas Holiday

24 Christina Wyrick Birthday & Christmas Holiday

25 Christmas Holiday

26 Kelly Leal, Rebecca Morales Birthday & Christmas Holiday

27 Christmas Holiday

28 Christmas Holiday

29 Christmas Holiday

30 Christmas Holiday

31 Christmas Holiday

Day January

1 Jennifer Kaspar Birthday & Christmas Holiday

2 Christmas Holiday

3 Christmas Holiday

4 Christmas Holiday

11 Noel Munoz Birthday

12 Dawn White Birthday

14 3rd Six Weeks Benchmark Math

15 Courtney Dyckman Birthday &

3rd Six Weeks Benchmark Reading

16 Michelle Atkinson Birthday

18 Jennifer Hanna Birthday

19 National Popcorn Day

21 MLK Day (Weather Day Make Up)

22 Angela Clark Birthday & Writer's Tea

23 Good Choice-Jumping World

24 Norma Hinojosa Birthday

Report Cards & Good Choice-Jumping World

25 Good Choice-Jumping World

29 Tina Deleon & Jeanine Hoover Birthdays

31 School Board Meeting

January School Board Appreciation Month