Gabi, Allie, and Amina

Daedalus's Tragic Life

Daedalus was a famous architect and sculptor who lived in The Athens. His sister's son, Talus was sent to live with Daedalus so he too could learn marvelous skill. Talus wanted to please Daedalus, so he did his best, and eventually surpassed Daedalus. The architect became jealous of his skill. In a moment of jealousy, when they were standing at a great height, he pushed him off the great height. he immedieatly regreted it. He left the Athens, sad and depressed. Eventually, he left Greece, and sailed across the sea to Crete. Crete was ruled by a greedy king, King Minos. Minos was delighted to have the architect in Crete. The king owned a horrible beast, named the Minotaur. He wanted a place to keep it, so taking advantage of Daedalus's skill, he ordered him to build the Labyrinth. The Labryinth was a maze that constantly changed, almost as if it was living. His workshop was hidden in the maze along with the Minotuar. Minos trapped Daedalus inside the maze with his son. Daeldeus longed to be free, so he studied birds through a vent in his workshop before inventing wings held together by wax. He made a pair for Icarus, too. As they strapped the wings on, Dealeus warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun for the wax would melt or the sea for the water would unravel the feathers. Icarus soared with joy, forgetting his father's careful warning. Dealdeus cried out for him, but the wax was already melted. Icarus fell towards the sea, screaming, and drowned. Dealdeus flew to land, heartbroken, and alone.


Don't act on impulse. You're gonna regret it.