Mrs. Hildebrand's 4th Grade Class

February 3 - February 7

Benchmarks This Week

Our students will take writing benchmarks this Tuesday & Wednesday. Please ensure they are getting a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast.

Principal Stevens' Letter

Valentine's Card Exchange

On Friday, February 14th, our students will participate in a Valentine's Card Exchange. Please ensure that if your student brings cards to exchange, they bring one for every student in our class. Expect a class list to go home at the beginning of next week.

What's Happening this Week?

Social Studies: Texas Missions

Reading: Traditional Literature including Myths, Fairytales, Fables, Legends, Folktales and Tall Tales

Language Arts: Immersion for Wow! Nonfiction Picture Books

No Spelling Words this week due to Benchmarks.

Vocabulary Link:

Traditional Literature

Coming Soon to a School Near You

Science Night

Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 6:30pm

Westcreek Dr

Austin, TX

Valentine's Dance

Friday, Feb. 14th, 6-8pm

Westcreek Dr

Austin, TX

There will be a flat entrance fee of $10. It will provide food (pizza rolls, drink, and dessert), entrance, and pay for the rental of laser lights, etc.