Silver Gate Elementary

Week of October 26, 2020


Just like all of you, I wish things were different and that we were all able to be on campus learning, interacting, and celebrating all things Silver Gate related. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop focusing on the negative and look for the things that brighten my day.

I was so happy to get an message from Kaitlin Mitchell that her and Chuck are cleaning out the garden. Please take a look at the before and after pictures. They were only in the garden for a few hours, but got a LOT done (and found the grossest carcass EVER of a possum - YIKES!

How lucky are we to have an organization like FSG taking care of our school during a pandemic. They are not letting things fall apart. Renee Branski and Kaitlin Mitchell continue to maintain the garden, make weekly videos and write grants to be able to buy new vegetable beds. This week, if things get a little heavy, take a moment to find beauty in unexpected places.

Fall - Week 6 - Earthworms
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Friday, OCT 30th - Material Distribution & Halloween Fun!

Don't miss our fun and festive Halloween Material Distribution. Come dressed in a costume and listen to music while your teacher hands out your materials.

If you don't know your distribution time, Please ask your teacher!

Also, PLEASE-PLEASE add pictures of your students all dressed up in their costume to Konstella. Happy Halloween!

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  • November 11 - Veterans day - NO SCHOOL
  • November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

Internet Safety Zoom Series Workshops!

San Diego Unified’s Family Engagement Department will hold a series of workshops for families. In this series of three workshops, you will learn how to help keep your children safer online, the risks students may encounter while accessing the Internet, and about cyberbullying. The three-week series will begin Monday, October 26th, from 5:15 – 6:30pm and Thursday, October 29th 9:45 – 11:00am. Each week the same topic will be offered in the morning and evening. More details are on our Family Engagement website calendar at Please join us for these engaging Zoom sessions on Internet Safety. Zoom link: or Zoom ID: 873 3716 3242

Virtual Calming Room

SDUSD Virtual Calming Room, created by the Counseling and Guidance Department. This has been created to be a safe space where students and families can find various tools to help with managing their emotions, feelings, and stress.

Parents as Partners!

SDUSD partners with families in meaninful conversations about information, input and questions of Appointment Based Learning.

SG 2020-2021 Signature Hub!

Each fall we have many forms which parents are required to fill out and sign. This year we will accomplish most of this online. If you have not yet done so, please fill these out right away. Thank you!

Useful Resources


Announce your child's birthday on our school marquee. Click Here for More Details.

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I'M Glad You're Here!

I always kick off the year by showing this video to the students to let them know I'm Glad they are at Silver Gate. At the end of every Monday Morning Assembly, I ask everyone to turn to their neighbor and say " I 'm Glad You're Here!
Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here