LV Technology

Alaina Van Egeren


iTrailer is an app that you can make a trailer about anything. For example, your favorite sport or your family, etc. You can put pictures and videos into the trailer.

Explain Everything

With Explain Everything we used the video recording and text, to explain how to do a math problem. In the app, we used video recording to record our voices and to explain how to do the math problem. We also used text to write down what we were explaining.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was used for a presentation about our dream job. We created a presentation with pictures and facts about our dream job. After, we presented it to the class.


Coding is an app/website that shows and lets you code. Coding is what you use to make games, websites and apps, in general computers and electronics. The website has coding engineers that have made their own apps explain how to code from videos. Then after the video there are multiple stages that has you use what you just learned from the video.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website that helps kids find out about what they want to do when they are out of High School. It allows them to look at a variety of jobs and descriptions of the job they are interested in. It also allows the kids to look at colleges for the jobs they are interested in.

Learn to type/Typing Web

Typing Web is a website that teaches you how to type. It can help you get better and faster. There are many different levels and sessions.