University of Arkansas


Popular Slogans

  1. Classic "WOOO Pig Sooie"
  2. "Never Yield" New this year
  3. "Go Hogs Go" Another classic

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How Arkansas uses their logo

Premium packages

Fans can purchase “RazorVision” a premium Audio and Video service that gives you exclusive access to on-demand video, live press conferences, and much more.

Interesting Facts

  1. Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz coached here from 1977-83
  2. Biggest Sports Franchise in Arkansas
  3. Hall of Fame Coach Frank Broyles coached here as well
  4. Beat Kansas in 2012 to win the Cotton Bowl
  5. Darren McFadden, who currently plays for The Raiders, played for the Razorbacks

Razorback Logos

Marketing the Team

The way the University is marketing their school is using both an aggressive color and intimidating mascot to give other schools the impression that the Razorbacks are not to be messed with.