by tania figueroa

how do you win the game or score the most ponits

In the game curling you need a brom to rud the ice. How to score a ponit you rud the ice and hit it the target to the middel of the seter. and thats how you score a ponits.

one additonal detail adout the spot

the sport have a team that is called the skip called the the game you have a brom to rud the shit of ice and hits it to the target to the seter.the store weghts up to 40 pounds.the skip spins there time yelling as a clazy person.


who plays in the game

who counld play the sport curing is grow up but not kids because that can not pick up a stone that 40 pounds.

what are the rules of the sport

the rules of the the sport is to stand strat and in the line of target put your foot strat. the brom