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Everyone has dreams, but Mathilde’s dreams were big. She was one of those pretty and charming girls, but she couldn’t afford fancy clothes so she dressed plainly. She was a very unhappy person. She felt that she needed to have all the little luxuries of living. Her apartment was shabby and dingy. She dreamt about silent chambers draped with oriental tapestries, having bronze floor lamps light the room, two butlers in knee breeches making her food and doing everything for her. She dreamed for having large over-stuffed chairs. She dreamed of even having great big reception halls and throwing large balls. She dreamed of halls filled with priceless curios. She even dreamed about having small chat rooms with close friends. She dreamed of those things because she was sick of having small rooms and having the same tablecloth all the time. She was even sick of her husband. She dreamed about having a different one, a richer, more good looking than the one she had. A husband who could buy her anything she wanted anytime. She was an unhappy person and knew she’d never get what she wanted. She could only dream.

The Invititation

One day Loisel came home with an envelope. He said it was for Mathilde, so she opened it. It said that she was invited to a reception at the ministerial mansion on January 18, but she thought it wasn’t good. "I have nothing to go in" she cried. She had a dress that she went to the theaters in, but that’s not an evening dress. She couldn’t go to an affair in a theater dress. She would look like a pauper, and paupers aren’t allowed at big receptions like this. Loisel asked her "how much would a suitable outfit cost? But it has to be simple." She thought for a few seconds. She said "I think with 400 Francs I could manage it." So off he goes handing her the money. But he turned a bit whiter on his face. I think he was mad. A few days towards the party, Mathilde was starting to worry. She didn’t have any jewelry to go with her outfit. She didn’t want to seem like she didn’t belong there. What was she going to do?

The Necklace

The ball was on its way.  It was days away, but she didn't have any proper jewelry.  She was very worried about not having the right necklace.  Mathilde's husband suggested that she put a flower in her hair.  But she didn't want flowers.  She thought it would make her look poor.  So he suggested she go see Mme. Forestier and get some jewelry from her.  She had not seen her friend in a long time.  Finally she called Mme. Forestier and asked to come to her house for a visit.  She was nervous, but finally she got the courage to ask if she could borrow some of her lovely jewelry.  Mme Forestier said "of course."  She walked towards her big closet and said "pick anything you would like."  Soon she found the most gorgeous necklace she had ever seen.  It was a big diamond necklace.  Mathilde said "now I can go to that party."

The Dance

It was party day for Mrs. Loisel.  She looked like the richest one there.  This was a high society party.  Everyone was staring at her.  They wanted to dance with her.  They wanted to chat with her.  That was when she was most happy.  Mathilde had pride in herself.  She left around 4:00 in the morning.  Her husband had worked hard at getting the invitation.  Not many people were able to go to this party.  When they got to the apartment, Mathilde turned the old record player on.  She turned it to her favorite song.  She wanted to dance with Mr. Loisel some more.  So the danced the morning away.  Soon the clock struck 5:00 in the morning.


She looked in the mirror.  She could not believe it.  It was GONE!  The necklace was gone! Mathilde gave out a cry.  They looked everywhere for it.  They looked in her dress and on the floor.  They could not find it anywhere.  Mathilde had no choice but to replace it.  Loisel and Mathilde went ot every jewelry store in search of a replacement.  Finally they found it.  The necklace was priced at 40 thousand Frances.But they could get it for 36. It’s been on the shelf for a while. The jeweler held it for three days so they She looked in the mirror and the necklace was gone! Mathilde gave out a cry. They looked everywhere for it. They looked in her dress and on the floor. The couldn’t find it anywhere. Mathilde had no choice but to replace it. Loisel and Mathilde went to every jewelry store in search for the necklace. Finally they found it. The necklace was priced at 40 thousand Francs. could come up with the money. They made an agreement that he would take it back for 34 thousand if the lost one had been found. Loisel only had 18 thousand Francs. He inherited it when his father died. He was going to have to borrow the rest. He went and asked random people for amounts of Francs, person to person. He signed notes and made business with loan sharks. He had to compromise the rest of his life. He was scared about the future. After they bought the necklace , they brought it to Forestier. Forestier said to Mathilde meanly "you should have brought it back sooner." Forestier didn’t open the case. Mathilde was worried what she would have done if she had opened the case and noticed the difference. She had to repay her debt so she fired their maid. She washed dishes, ruining her pink nails. She hated to cook, but she started to do that too. After a long 10 years, she was done paying her debt.

In Mathilde's Words

I interviewed Mathilde to get her own words on this. What did you think when you first realized you were invited to the ball? My first thought when I was invited to the ball was that I didn’t have anything to wear, so why should I go? Why did you throw the invitation away at first? I thew the invitation because I was angry. What did you like best about the ball? The best part about the ball was that I danced with people and they seemed to notice me.Did you know Mme. Forestier? Mme. Forestier was one of my old, best friends.Why did you pick the diamond necklace? I picked the diamond necklace because it looked so beautiful.Why didn’t you tell the truth about the necklace right away? I lied to her at first because I thought it was very expensive and I didn’t have that kind of money to pay whatever it was worth. Why are you so unhappy with your life? I’m so unhappy with my life because I’m a girl who dreamed big and I’ve gotten nothing. No rich husband, just some clerk who gets minimum wage so he can’t buy me anything I want.Would you go to another dance? Yes, I would go to a ball again, only if someone paid for my dress, make-up and jewelry. Why is it so important to be rich and famous? It’s important to be rich and famous because then everyone wants to be you and also if you’re rich you can get everything you’ve ever dreamed about.Would you do the same thing again?  No I wouldn’t do the same thing again because I wouldn’t want to be paying off loans for over 10 years!

Sunday, July 30th 2000 at 9pm

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Im growing up in Eagle Lake, MInnesota. I have one older sister. I enjoy watching tv and playing video games. I like going camping in the summer. After school I enjoy working out with friends. I'm not the happiest kid in the world. I'm one of the quiet kids In school. So i do not have many friends. I seem to get anoyed with being in big groups. I am an athletic person. I have been in track the last couple years so I will probaly do that again. AND that is all you need to know about me.

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