Austin ,Texas

you have got to see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin is the best place

They is pretty much have no pollution and that is good because that means that the bats well be happy to live there.It is a really cool place they have low pollution rates and that is good because that means that you wont get sick as easy.


Austin is here in america. The location is south Texas, in south Central, United States. Austin is near the Golf of Mexico so it is a sort drive for a day trip. Their land has alot of hills and the colorado river goes through Austin.The absolute location is30.25ºN,97.75ºW.

The best place ever!!!!!!!

If you want to visit Austin is the best place to go because they have these places ........zoos, art museums, state history museums, and my favorite at the Congress avenue bridge you can watch 2000 bats come out from under the bridge.


It would be great to move to move or visit because they have over 300 day of sunshine and it mostly never rains in Austin. They speak English , but their houses are expensive like 296,111. 87% of Austin Texas has schools in it. Their noise pollution is high ,there air pollution is low. I love Austin that is why you have to visit .