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Google AdWords Could Be The Best Thing For Your Business

If your prospects go looking for you online are they finding you or your competitors? I don't just mean those people searching for your brand name (which hopefully you have the #1 ranking on the page for) but for all the various phrases that your prospects can (& do) use. In the competitive US marketplace, it's especially vital to ensure that your business can be found on that first page of Google results -- because that's where about 90% of Americans are regularly looking!

And these days, regardless of where else you advertise, the majority of those prospects will want to take a look at your website before doing business with you (isn't that what you're doing right now?). As crazy human beings we're rather scared of making mistakes, of getting stuff wrong -- like choosing the wrong service provider -- so even when we see a great ad, or more likely get a great reference from a trusted friend, we still want to see for ourselves. If your website can't even be found, many of those prospects might never make it to step 1 or working with you.

Do you even have the time to learn Online Marketing?

Sure you can read a book or two (if you want to do this, I highly recommend Perry Marshall's book: The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords), listen to podcasts or read the (wonderfully confusing) online help that Google provides! And two things will probably happen.

1. First, you'll setup your own AdWords account (it really is easy to do) choose a dozen or so phrases, write one Ad & give Google your credit card number.

2. Then after a week or maybe a month goes by, you'll wonder why so few visitors are coming to your website, why it costs so much & try to figure out where you went wrong.

And that's where the learning really starts! You'll discover that to setup & manage an AdWords account effectively is actually pretty hard & very time consuming. It's true, it used to be a lot easier, but now in 2014 you have to worry about negative keywords, click thru rates, impression share, trademark rules, keyword matching types, split testing, Quality Scores, bid management, day parting, landing page quality & load time and a whole lot more.

Is that how you really want to spend even half a day during every one of your busy weeks? Nope, probably not. Best to let someone who's made the silly mistakes, learnt from them and spent years mastering the ins & outs of the system do it all for you.

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