Growth Mindset

We need it in every school, everywhere

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How can it be introduced into our schools

As the principal, the idea of having this mindset taught to our students is one of great appeal. However, it may be challenging at first, but after a bumpy start, we can definitely accomplish it. In order to create the growth mindset if it is not already there is to praise the process, not the outcome. Telling the kids things like "You must have worked really hard" because it praised process. A fixed mindset person would most listen to stats that judge performance, such as a grade or score. Based on this information, teachers in classroom may want to change the way the praise students. If they use this technique to develop the growth mindset, it is shown to significantly increase the performance of students.

How can we know it is as effective as you say?

We know it is effective because there have been studies. I have been doing research on this topic due to my interest of the theory. These studies have been conducted by Professor Mueller and Professor Dweck. They gave students a puzzle, and once the students completed the puzzle they were told 1 of 2 things. Half of the kids were praised with a growth mindset compliment, and half with a fixed compliment. The students who were praised with a growth mindset received a score around 1-1.5 points higher than previously, while the fixed mindset students did around .5-1 points lower. As you can see, mindset makes a difference!
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The Image above shows Professor Dweck.

What is the impact?

In a classroom, for example, if you teach all the African Americans to learn and approach schoolwork with a growth mindset, you can close the race barrier. The same idea can be applied to girls/women or boys/men to reduce a gender barrier in a class. It is also proven to grow neurons, and therefore making the person smarter, and improving IQ, and other test scores. In conclusion growth mindsets positively affect education more than fixed mindsets do!!!


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