This Week at the Park

University Park Elementary School News~ September 5th, 2022

Important Upcoming Events:

Monday, September 5th: No School, Happy Labor Day

Wednesday, September 7th: FAST Testing VPK-2nd

Thursday, September 8th: FAST Testing VPK-2nd

Looking ahead...

Tuesday, September 13th: FAST Testing 3rd-6th

Wednesday, September 14th: FAST Testing 3rd-6th

Thursday, September 15th: Interims Posted

FAST Testing Information

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Our Library is up and Running

We have started student check-outs so you will see University Park library books coming home soon. As a reminder, books are due back two weeks from check-out. I will be working with your children to remind them of due dates and returning borrowed books.

But, we need your help! Our library currently is missing 523 books from the past few years. Some missing books are way back from 2020, when school shut down in the spring. Some are from spring and fall 2021. Please look around the house and return any books that are marked University Park. There is a white barcode taped to the upper left corner of library books that says University Park Elementary School, and includes the tile and library number. If you have transferred from another school in Brevard County and find another school’s book, send it in to me and I will send it to that school. Thank you in advance for taking a good look and returning our library books!

Mrs. Enright

Library Media Specialist

Volunteers Needed

UPark is looking for school Volunteers to help with upcoming events. Volunteers play an important role in providing both support to students and teachers. Please reach out to Danielle LaVelle if you are interested in becoming a UPark volunteer.

For addtional information on registering to be a volunteer please click here.

Attention Bus Rider Families

This past week we met with all bus rider students to review the expecations and rules for riding the bus. A letter was sent home with your child providing parents and guardians with the information shared. Please ensure that you are supervising your child at the bus stop until it arrives. We ask that you help us in ensuring no food is opened and consumed while on the bus. Below are the listed rules that are provided by BPS Transportation.


1. Students must be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the school bus. Stand off roadway while awaiting bus

2. Keep your seat at all times when the bus is moving. Keep hands and head inside bus.

3. Walk 12 feet in front of the bus. Wait for driver's signal before crossing the road.

4. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is dangerous.

5. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed at all times.

6. For safety reasons, absolute silence is required at all railroad crossings.

7. The driver is in full charge of bus and students. Students must obey driver at all times.

8. The driver has the right to assign students to seats if necessary to promote order.

9. No eating, drinking or smoking allowed on the bus.

10. Students must be on time; the bus driver cannot wait for tardy students.

11. Students may not use cellular telephones or electronic paging devices while being transported on the school bus.

12. The use of lap belts (if equipped) is mandatory

13. Riding the school bus is a privilege - Students should not abuse it.

* Students must sit no more than 2 to a seat and must sit in their assigned seat.



1. Parents/guardians ensure safe travel of their students during the portions of each trip to and from school and home when the students are not under the custody and control of the school district, including during each trip to and from home and assigned bus stop when the school district provides bus transportation. Florida Administrative Code 6A-3.0121(2)(C)

2. Parents/guardians will ensure their students only ride their assigned bus and use only their assigned bus stop.

3. Parents/guardians will ensure their students follow the district's adopted code of conduct on the bus and at school bus stops and will provide necessary supervision.

4. Parents/guardians will provide necessary assistance to their disabled student if such assistance is required for the student to board or depart the school bus.

PENALTY: For violating these rules a pupil will be reported by the driver to the school principal who has the authority to suspend him temporarily or permanently from riding a bus.