Knowing About Eating Disorders

Megan Keyser

Can Knowing More About Eating Disorders Possibly Prevent Them?

Eating Disorders are very dangerous and can permanently ruin someones health if it goes on for long enough. I don't personally believe that knowing more about them can prevent one, someone with an eating disorder is usually only focused on one thing and that is body image. Health will most likely not be a priority.

What Qualities Do You Believe Someone Should Be Judged By?

People should never be judged on body image or something that they cannot control, considering that is probably why they would be so insecure about it. Keep your mean thoughts to yourself. Don't let your mean thoughts and opinions of people ruin their day, you could be costing them a lot more damage than what you intend.

Are there "bad" foods?

Yes. Endless amounts of bad food. There are also a very large amount of good food out there for you, someone with an eating disorder may not focus on the good foods and then feel guilty after eating.

Promoting Thinness

Everywhere today you always see ads for weight watchers and waist trainer belts or a new fad diet, and it crushes self esteems. Seeing magazines photoshop models who are already thin to make them look even more thin is a horrible message that they're trying to get across. When I see something like this I automatically put the magazine down so that no one can look at it.

Be a positive role model

If you know someone that is struggling with an eating disorder, start off small. Help them little by little every single day. Things like this take time to recover from, this won't go away in just a day or even a week. Help them and always be there for them when they need someone.