Somalia migration to Minnesota

Push factors

There's unstable and catastrophic political, humanitarian,and economic conditions, poor living conditions

Pull factors

To get a better education, and jobs to support there families, and Minneapolis is the most popular destinations

Ravensteins law of migration

-most migrants are adults(20-34) because they are going to college for better education

-migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas like Minneapolis

Where do these people live in Minnesota

A big population of simalis live in downtown Minneapolis.They live there mostly because they have a lot of agencies paid by the federal government to resettle refugees, and also because the welfare benefits in Minnesota are good

What current issues or challenges do these people face in Minnesota

Medical care- they have diseases like measles, diarrheal, malaria because of the water they drink

And some have depression because they may have lost families or went through war, or some have been tortured