weekly report

Research and Development 5/26-6/1


  • I apologize for the format of the report this week. I am still trying to find the best way to send this report on a mac.We have a team leader for
  • We have a team leader for aol on starting 7/1, a developer for demand starting 6/17 and a qa for content starting 6/23.
  • Dylan leaves 6/30 and Ilya (infrastructure QA) leaves 6/13
  • Number of views remain around 160M/week
  • Number of views on weather.com increased by 5M views last week.
  • Candidly Nicole maintains losing viewers and had less than 500K views last week
  • Kill Bill deployment in progress

Production Status

Solved issues fromlast week:

  • 5/26 - We had a problem with the app fabric distributed cache resulting in a problem with some semantic analysis.
  • 5/28 - One of the two data centers that we run on had a power failure. The implications were minimal

Development and deployments status

Development wise

Kill Bill deployment Admin and Console go live is planned for Tuesday, 4/June.
Letters from Iwo Jima release schedule is updated in the share point.
Release schedule: http://5min-tfs/sites/portal/Lists/Calendar/calendar.aspx

Deployments wise

We are in the middle of Kill Bill's deployment