Near Cesspool Circumstances

Anjali Talpallikar

Anjali not Sally nor Sue

Had quite the chore to do!

She'd wash dish after dish,

Clean the tanks for the fish,

And though her mum tried through and thrugh,

She simply would not pick up the dog poo.

And so the backyard filled up with muck,

more than enough to fill a dump truck.

Big boulders and souffles

PLOPS! and sloppy arrays

of dripping doo and monstrous goo.

Until came the day the world would rue,

when the back fence bent and the content grew.

It caused jaws to drop

And cars to stop.

Before she knew it, they called the cops.

They stepped out of the car, like a pair of James Bonds,

In synchroinised walking, they marched up the lawn.

Those FBI Agents knocked on the door

And asked, "Who's poop is that on the floor?"

Anjali watched with wide eyes,

As they scooped up the dung, she realized

That there are some chores you just have to do,

And one of them is to scoop up the dog's poo.