Kindergarten News

Week of November 9-13

What A Fun Week!

Monday-READ EVERY DAY! READ EVERY DAY! Today our school celebrated reading by having an awesome pep rally. The entire school went outside while Ms. Crummie lead our pep rally through cheers to promote reading. Ms. Crummie also enjoyed a Principal Reading Day. Each classroom gave her their favorite book to read during the day. Check out the Twitter feed to hear her reviews. In class, we read our favorite books throughout the day. What a fun day!

Tuesday-What a busy Tuesday! Mrs. Joyner visited our classroom for her weekly guidance lesson. She introduced the term "bucket fillers". Ask your child to share ways that he or she can be a "bucket filler" at home and at school. We also began our Guided Reading Groups! The students really seemed to enjoy it. We will have reading groups Monday through Thursday. Please read and sign the text copy each night. Also, please practice the sight words nightly. Also, please return the books. Thanks! We also began using Raz Kids on the laptops today. The kids loved it! There is more information coming home in your child's Tuesday folder next week.

Wednesday-Veteran's Day! We created, read, and circled sight words in a Veteran's Day book. We also created Veteran's Day cards to for a first grade teacher to give to her father. Her father will distribute to the Naval ships and Pentagon.

Thursday-In math, we began our measurement unit. We read Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy. This books discusses different ways to measure using different measuring tools. We went outside and collected a leaf. We observed it, measured it, and identified the color of the leaf. So fun! In writing, we went on a observation walk around our room to notice things we see. Then we generated a list of all the things we saw.

Friday-Happy Friday! In math, we measured each others shoes using cubes. We also read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about Veteran's Day. We also did a fun craft where students created ears of corn. We will hang these up in our room.

Upcoming Events

Any Time Next Week-Please send in the Family Turkey Project.

November 17-Online Scholastic Book Order Due. This is our last order until 2016.

November 17-Sal's Pizza Day-Crozet School Fundraiser

November 18 -Square 1 Art Order Due

November 23-Please send in Thanksgiving Feast goodies. Thank you so much!

November 25, 26, & 27-Thanksgiving Break-No School!

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