Hearst Weekly Update

August 20, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

On behalf of the staff of Hearst Elementary School, welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We've been hard at work over the summer getting ready for a fantastic school year and

if you'd like to see some of the fun we've had this week, check out #Hearstselfiechallenge on Twitter and our staff introduction videos on Flipgrid (https://flipgrid.com/7a73f9). We look forward to seeing our K-5 families tomorrow and our PK families on August 24 or 25!

Hearst Elementary School Staff 2017-2018

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First Day Logistics

The weather forecast looks great for Monday morning, which means we'll have outdoor arrival. Staff will be supervising breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 8:15am and will be on the playground starting at 8:30am* to receive kids. At 8:40, we'll blow a whistle for classes to line up on the soccer field and after introducing our new staff to everyone, we'll head inside. In order to transition into the building smoothly, we ask that families say goodbye to their kids on the soccer field before kids head inside with their teachers. Any supplies that you bring can be left on the soccer field in your child's teacher's line and the custodians will bring those supplies in once the kids transition inside.

Dismissal is at 3:15pm every day. Students who stay for any after school programming will be transitioned to the gym, where they will be met by after school personnel. Students who get picked up at 3:15 will wait for pick up with their teachers on the front plaza if the weather is nice or on the first floor of the building if the weather is inclement.

*Please note: if you are bringing your child to the playground prior to 8:30am, it is your responsibility to supervise him or her until Hearst staff arrives for duty. While we understand the 8:30 drop off time is later than last year, this extra 15 minutes gives our staff time to collaborate and prepare for the day and we appreciate your understanding.

Hearst is a Nut Free School

Hearst is a nut-free school. Students can bring in foods that have been processed in a facility that processes tree nuts, so long as those foods are for personal consumption. In order to minimize the risk of cross-contact issues that can result with nut oils/residue left on surfaces, our staff is being extra vigilant about cleaning surfaces after eating and ensuring that students wash their hands after eating. For ideas for nut-free lunches and snacks, visit: http://school.familyeducation.com/slideshow/lunch/71131.html or http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2013/10/07/nut-free-school-lunch-ideas/

The Solar Eclipse

We will be viewing the solar eclipse on the first day of school. All of our kids and staff will have solar filter glasses from NASA and be outside from 2:30-2:50pm so that we can see the maximum coverage at 2:42. Prior to going outside, staff will conduct a safety session with students on how to properly use the eclipse glasses before the viewing and the procedures for the viewing session, including how classes will line up to view the event and when breaks will be taken. For families who are concerned about their child viewing the eclipse outdoors, we'll set up a live feed in the library for students as well. Please let your child's teacher know if you would like your child to be in the library rather than outside and complete the opt out form found here: https://dcps.dc.gov/publication/guidelines-viewing-great-american-eclipse.

Hearst's Core Values

We support each other in striving to be a community that is:

  • Resilient
  • Inclusive
  • Service-oriented
  • Empowered

More information about these core values will be shared with families in the next weeks.

Free and Reduced Meals Applications

All families, regardless of whether you are applying for Free and Reduced Meals, must complete the Free and Reduced Meals application. The form can be found online here:


Prohibited Items

Students should not bring money to school unless parents receive notification from the classroom teacher to do so. Because the school will provide sports equipment for recess and PE, we ask that students do not bring equipment from home. Additionally, students should not bring toys, trading cards, electronic games, or cell phones to school. In the event that a child brings any of the above items to school, Hearst is not responsible if said items are lost or stolen and staff will confiscate items that are visible or in use during school hours. All items that are confiscated will be held in the main office and must be picked up by a parent.