My five ways to be great in 6 grade

By Fabian

My ways on preparing you for reading

In 6th grade you get a little more homework but the little bit is easier. The homework they give you is easier than somethings but it is a little challenging. My teacher gave us a AoW which you have to complete it the week after that. You will have to do a site called quiz let each night for homework. Besides the quiz lets you will also have a wordily wise for each week. The teacher will let the class read a novel like the hunger games or a kid friendly novel. Every 6 grade teacher will give you a reading log. This is like the quiz let or worldly wise because this is needed to done daily.

My ways on preparing you for math

The teacher will give you weekly math homework that you need to complete on Friday. The teacher will also let you work in groups on certain assessments that you need to work together this will be the centers of the family. You will also need to do remarks as a center which is a website that you need to work on assessments so is Buzzmath. Ixl is a little different than that. You do the assessments and it gives your grade but your teacher will grade you work on what you have done for it.

Our gateway project.

In 6th grade you have to do a gateway project which is a project you do at the middle of the 2nd quarter. Our gateway was a history of Egyptians, we got to choose what topic we got to do and we had a partner for the first part of the gateway. You might have to do a different culture besides the Egyptians.

What do u need for school

There are so many things that u will need for six grade. So many pencils and a lot of paper. I say that you will need to bring a notebook for each subject.