Fund Raiser

We are selling chocolate bars for our fund raiser.


Details include... Chocolate bars are $1 each. We are raising money for a church field trip.

We will be using Mars chocolate bar. The money will be used to go to Indiana Beach.

The youth who are interested in taking the trip to the amusement park are selling candy bars to raise money for their trip. The recreation director needs your help in creating a spreadsheet program that will keep records for the money-making program. Design a spreadsheet program that will keep a record of the following for each student individually and for the entire group: amount of candy checked out, amount of candy returned, amount of money turned in, and amount of profit. To verify that your program is working properly, make up at least 5 fictitious youth and run the program for them. Be prepared to show the recreation director how to arrange the youth alphabetically or by amount of profit made, and how to graph the amount of candy each young person has sold. The recreation director would like to have a copy of your spreadsheet planning sheet and a copy of your program by e-mail or on a jump drive.

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94 students multiplied by 20 chocolate bars equals 1,880.
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