Houston Middle School

2017 - 2018 Family & School Compact

Building Partnerships for Success

If you would like to volunteer or participate at Houston Middle School please call

(907) - 892-9500

Benjamin Howard, Principal
Orin Wear, Asst. Principal
Tanya Boehm, Title I Parent Coordinator

Houston Middle School Guidelines for Success

Is what I'm doing safe?
Is what I'm doing responsible?
Is what I'm doing respectful?

What is a Family & School Compact for Success?

A Family & School Compact for Success is an agreement that parent/guardians, students, and teacher develop together. The compact explains how parents/guardians and teachers will work together to make sure all our students reach or exceed grade level requirements.

Effective Compacts:
  • Link to school goals and focus on student learning
  • Describe how teachers will help students develop and learn using high quality instructional techniques
  • Share learning strategies that parents/guardians can use at home
  • Explain how teachers and parents will communicate about student progress
  • Describe how parents can volunteer and participate in school

Teachers - Students - Parents

To Help Students Be Successful, Teachers Will:
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Design engaging activities/lessons
  • Build positive relationships by capturing kids' hearts
  • Prepare students for assessments
  • Communicate with parents & guardians

To Be Successful Students Will:
  • Be on time, prepared, and ready to learn
  • Complete assignments and homework on time
  • Actively participate in class
  • Honor social contracts
  • Follow directions

To Help Students Be Successful, Parents Will:
  • Engage in your child's education
  • Ensure your child completes his/her class work and homework
  • Monitor your child's progress
  • Contact your child's teachers when there are concerns
  • Follow directions
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Ways Houston Middle School Communicates

Houston Middle School is committed to frequent and open communication with familes and community members about student performance, school expectations, current events, and activities. Some of the ways you can expect us to reach out are:
  • Annual Back to School Night
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • HMS Website
  • Connect-Ed Messages
  • Newsletter
  • iParent
  • phone calls and emails
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Please call Houston Middle School at (907)-892-9500 to contact your child's teacher or email him/her. Teacher email addresses are found on the school website at www.matsuk12.us/hms

Student Planners

Each Student at Houston Middle School will be given a student planner at the beginning of the school year. Student planners are used to teach critical organizational skills that will ultimately help HMS students be successful throughout his/her education.
  • Student planners are used everyday during school and students shouls have them each day
  • Parents and guardians are encouraged to ask to see their child's planner each night - It's a great way to stay connected and informed
  • Student planners are used as a component of a student's final grade

Organization = Succees

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Houston Middle School Highlights

  • Daily Hawk Talk
  • Student Planners
  • Daily Binder
  • Go Math
  • School-Within-A-School
  • Intervention Resources
  • Denali Science School
  • Boys Town Social Skill
  • Capturing Kids Heart
  • STEM
  • Response to Intervention
  • Google Classroom
  • After School Activities
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Communicating About Student Learning

Houston Middle School is committed to providing up to date information about student learning. Some of the ways parent and guardians can expect to access his/her child progress are:
  • Students Planners
  • Current Grades in ICue
  • Quarterly Report Cards & Mid-Term Reports
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences in October & February

2016 - 2017 Houston Middle School Schedules

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