A basic overview

Christianity is a belief in god, and Jesus Christ. Most forms of Christianity follow the words of the bible, and believe in the history told in it. They also believe in heaven, and hell, along with satan.

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Common Christian rituals.

It is common for Christians to pray before meals, before going to bed, and in times of need. Most Christians attend Sunday church, where they participate in bible readings, group songs, speeches, and partaking of "the Sacrament", which consists of eating a piece of bread and drinking water. Depending on the form of Christianity, children can also be baptized weeks after birth, or in the case of Mormons, after they turn eight.

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A brief history of Christianity.

Christianity was formed in 33 C.E. Palestine. For several hundred years, new sub religions formed from the main one. Several were abolished around the nineteenth century, until shortly after Mormonism was formed. By the 20th century, Christianity had spread to all regions of the world.

What is Christianity?