Jaren Hawthorn

Quote:"Open your mind before you mouth"

Describe something you did yesterday

Jailbroke my phone.

Something you do well

I play Attack On Titan Tribute Game really well. It took me a couple of days to learn how to play. Its a really fun game, but you should watch the show first! The Game Also Is A multiplayer game so you can play with others.

Something about your childhood

When I was younger I loved games. And my favorite memory was getting my Playstation 2. I played that thing for hours on end and kept buying games for it.

Something that I learned last week

How to jailbreak a iPhone. Jailbreaking lets you change whats on the stock version of your iPhone. And lets people acsess and do more on your iPhone.

Something you cant live without

Music.I love music its probolay the one greatests things on this planet.I love Metal. The lyrics are great and have meaning.

Something you watch or listen to

I listen to bands such as: Motionless In White , blessthefall , Chelsea Grin , Attila , Knife Party.

Something you dislike

I dont not like Rap Or Country music. They're both horrible and they make no sense. Music now doesnt have meaning