Awesome Sauce

Lee Chavez and Betsai Zavala

About Lee

Lee was born in Galveston. I learned that he loves to listen to rap/rock music. What lee likes to do for fun is play basketball and play video games. Lee describes hes self as a awesome person to be round with. What he likes to do on the weekends is watch football. If Lee could had a super power he will choose to fly because he likes to be in high places. The most important person or thing to him is family/religion. Hes goals is to leave his mark in the world. How he acts when hes stressed he yells. The most important lesson in life is to try your best. What hes most afraid of is jump scared videos.

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About Betsai

Betsai Zavala was born in Galveston, Texas and loves Rap? Hip-Hop. She would listen to her music on her roof. She describes herself as nice and goes over to her friends house weekends. If she had a super power it would be invisibility to see how people act when no ones around. She believes that her mom is the most important person to her and wants to graduate, finish school, and get a good job. When she is stressed, she gives fierce attitude and would punch anything in sight. She learned that she should never give up in life. Her greatest fear is creepy, crawling bugs.

Drake - Hotline Bling (Instrumental) (ReProd. By JDP)