What was the first type of music

Who i am

My name is Damar Anthony Travon Mckinney and I'm from kck and i go to shlagle high. Most of the family that i know live in kansas and kcmo. One of my favorite hobbies to do is make music and listen to music. My favorite food is rice,pasts,and shrimp. Ilove spending time with my family and laughing.

Dose music make people lives happier

I think that music makes people lives happier. I think music makes people happier for the fact that people listen to it. Different people listen to different type of music so you get to choose. Whatever music a person likes can make them happier.
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I already know where hip hop started.

I hope to learn more about the old rappers.

I hope others can learn more about rap and hip hop from this.

The more music i listen to the more i know about it. The more history i know i can learn about my culture.

I think that music can make people happier because you have options to choose from. Music is everywhere and no one invented it. Music can help you with certain emotions you go trough.

Music is a form of art and it is used in different cultures. There are different types of music. Every type of music has a history and how to understand more of the type of music you are listening to.