Trouble on The Streets


Information That You Need to Know

Scabies is an STD that is caused by the Itch Mite- Scaroptes Scabiei. Scabies is similar to Crabs but they are not the same. Scabies is easily mistaken for Crab Lice (Crabs). The difference is that Crab lice lay eggs on top of the skin and the Scabiei will burrow under the skin and hide and lay its eggs.

Signs and Symtoms

Possible Symtoms for Scabies

Intense itching in the pubic area (however, you can get them all over your body). You can see visible tracks that the mites produce when they are digging and burrowing in your skin. You will also see visible bite marks from the mites on your body (these are big red spots where they lay their eggs).

How Can I Get The Disease?

You can get scabies if you have close body contact with an infested person, if you sleep in an infested person's bed, or have shared clothes with someone who has scabies.

Cures and Treatments

There are special shampoos and creams for treating scabies such as permethrin, which is a cream. If that does not work some doctors may prescribe a different cream called Lindane and some doctors may prescribe pills such as ivermectin. You also need to clean all clothes and bedding/furniture that scabies could be living on. You must vacuum and clean your house often if you are living with scabies or someone with scabies.