San Francisco Sisters In Leadership

Next event: Thursday, March 19th at 7:00 pm in Emeryville

What is Sisters in Leadership?

Sisters in Leadership started in Arizona after Julie McMahon Gildersleeve returned from WLS. The mission of the group is a "Community of Women's Leadership Seminar Sisters committed to connecting, collaborating & celebrating each other to achieve INSPIRING results". WLS grads are currently meeting for monthly events in 9 cities including the Bay Area!

We are working on growing our Bay Area group through monthly events to connect as LS sisters, support and inspire one another, and give back to others in our community.

March Bay Area Sisters in Leadership Dinner - Pasta Pomodoro

Thursday, March 19th, 7pm

5614 Shellmound Street

Emeryville, CA

Please join our host, Holly Lynn and speaker, Maria Mitchell for an evening of inspiration. We will get to know each other as WLS sisters, learn how we can support each other, and listen to a powerful talk by Maria on how we can change our perception of failure on the path to reaching our goals.

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If you have any questions, please contact the San Francisco city chairwoman, Julie Akwabi-Ameyaw at (209) 605-9404 or

Starting in March, we will be alternating our events each month between a weekday dinner and weekend community service project in an attempt to accommodate as many different schedules as possible. Tentative future dates are listed below

~Location and time TBD, please check the events page in the Sisters in Leadership group for up to date event information:

Sunday, April 19th

Thursday, May 15th

Sunday, June 14th

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