Working with Others

The benifits about working with others.

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What are the benifits when working with others when contributing to innovation?

The benifits of working with others have main criteria which helps everyone work together and come up with new, fun ideas. One of the main areas is SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Oppotunities and Threats). This helps people annalyse the work before anything solid gets started. Understand people in the group allows you to agree more easily on a goal or an idea. This helps keep the peace and everyone gets along. You can also discuss the pros and cons of an idea when everyone is respectful and no-one will feel uncomfortable during the discussion.

Behaviours and attitudes which support innovation

Behaviours and attitudes which support innovation have key areas. This is helps everyone understand their role. There is a few key aspects when it comes to working with others:ApprochableAdaptabilityOptimisticVersitilityThis helps people become more comforable when working together and creates a fun and learning envrionment to work in.


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