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Why should I read it?

Kids. They're always treated like they don't know anything. They always depend on adults. They have parents to fight their battles for them. But what if a kid was the only person you could rely on to save the entire world from a massive war? Hard to imagine, right? Well, in Ender's Game you can see exactly how this all plays out. In this novel, Ender is sent to a battle school in space to train and compete against other kids to conquer a war that could potentially destroy Earth. He is forced to prepare day after day with little rest. He is pushed to his farthest limits. He is more mentally and physically tested throughout a big chunk of his childhood. Can you imagine how rough that would be at the age of 6?

This book is a Hugo Award for Best Novel, Nebula Award for Best Novel, and Science Fiction Chronicle Reader Award winning book. It's even scored a 4.3/5 on Goodreads. The book just keeps getting great recommendations from everyone, so why wouldn't you read and see what all the good talk is about?