Support our Students

Annapolis trip a huge success; here's what's next..........

Here are some key points from the Annapolis trip:

  • In this election year, make sure that the person you are voting for is fighting for Montgomery County schools now!
  • The number of kids in portables in Montgomery County is more than all of the kids in DC schools
  • 33% of Montgomery County students receive FARMS (free and reduced meals)
  • Montgomery County brings huge tax revenue to the state and all benefit from that
  • Montgomery County is doing more than it’s share; 17% of Marylands’ children are in MOCO and we receive less than 12% of construction funds.

What can I do to help?

Come back to Annapolis on Wednesday, March 12th at 1pm for Budget and Tax committee hearings OR Send an email (attach a video) or Write a letter. Strategically, a real letter is more likely to get attention --- it’s a piece of paper in the office of the legislator that has to be dealt with. The unfortunate fact is that email is great and convenient, but so is that delete button. Call. Talk to staff. Say who you are, why you’re calling, and reference the House or Senate Bill numbers (SB927/HB1323). Can you say ‘I’ve been talking to my Delegate/Senator XX (fill in the blank) about this issue – he/she suggested making a call to you so you can hear from someone living it every day what these overcapacity problems are like”

Send messages to:

Thank them for their past support and tell these State of Maryland leaders why investing in our schools is critically important and why we need Senate Bill 927 and House Bill 1323.

Here’s a link to membership of the Senate Budget and Tax committee:

Montgomery County members of Budget and Tax are: Nancy King (D39), Rich Madaleno (D18), and Roger Manno (D19)