By: Kylie Weers

Today's News

Today you are going to read about choking. You will read someone's personal experience with choking and also see different ways to prevent it or possibly help someone who is.

News Article

Little boy dies after choking on grape

Check out this article to see the story about how a two year old dies after choking on a grape at Pizza Hut.

Preventions of Choking

There are many ways to prevent choking, here is a few:

  • Chew your food slowly
  • Sit while eating
  • Keep food pieces small

Conscious Child Choking

First Aid

Now as you just saw in the video, it does so good explaining on what to do if someone is choking. First and foremost you ALWAYS want to make sure they can't respond or is unresponsive before you do anything. Then make a fist above their belly button and move the fist hard and upward until the object they are choking on comes out.