Zeek Pena

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Who is the most famouse person? and what did that person do to be famouse from back then?

In 1516 a Spanish expedition led by Juan Diaz De Solis landed on the shores of rio de la plata and claimed the area of spain.

What recourses do they import from other countries?

The top imports partners are Brazil 32.290, Us 14.490, China 12.490, Germeny 4.790. The top major import in Argentina is machenery, motor, vehicals, petroleum and natural gas, Organic chemicals, plastics.

What mountains are famouse in Argentina and does it attract people?

The worlds largest peak is MT. Aconcagua both lie between Argentinas borders. MT.Aconcagua is 22,831 feet hight and 6,959 metros above sea level.People in Argentina did the 1st attempt was a acent but they failed.

What Holidays do they celebrate and how do they celebrate them?

Argentina especally in the North like to celebrate carnivals (a holiday close to easter).People like to dress up in fancy costume and sing, dance, and parade around the streets.