Limestone Anti-Bullying Club

Dear Parents,

We are starting an Anti-Bullying Club at Limestone this year. The first group of students who will be given the opportunity to join will be 3rd and 4th grade students. I have already had conversations with both grade levels and explained that if the student was interested to submit their name on a paper and place it in my mailbox.

The respond has been over whelming! Each student who decides to join will have a packet that goes home with them which must be completed with a parent and returned before their name will be placed on the ledger as a member. The purpose of this club is to address bullying from a student approach. Students will lead this club and work to help other students when they are being bullied.

As for myself, I am simply the sponsor of this program. I will help students with any needs they have with regard to the club or guidance they may need. Students will be the infrastructure and will be what the club is centered around.

Thank you,

Nick Hughes

Limestone School Counselor