Operation Torch

Gregory Patmon

Key Information

Operation Torch was the name given to the Allied invasion of French North Africa in November 8, 1942. Operation Torch was the first time the United States and United Kingdom had worked on an invasion plan together.


Operation Torch had a huge impact on the course of America's strategy during the remainder of the war. It may have been the most important strategic decision that Allied leaders would make.

Allied Generals Involved

Field Marshal Alan Brooke(Great Britain): Senior commander in the British Army and also chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Brooke was the foremost military advisor to Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower(United States): The 34th president and the Supreme commander of the Allied forces in Europe. He planned and supervised the North African invasion in Operation Torch.

AXIS POWERS Generals involved

Ernst Kals(Germany): Service on torpedo boats and light cruisers. He sank twenty Allied ships for a total of 145,656 tons of Allied shipping.

Francois Darlan(France): he was a French Admiral and political figure. He was Admiral of the Fleet and commander in chief of the French Navy in 1939 .(Beginning of WW2)

the Outcome and goals of the battle

The Allied forces wanted to drive the Axis forces out of North Africa.If they did that the Aliies can trap the Axis powers in the Second El Alamein. Operation Torch costed the Allies around 480 killed and 720 wounded. French lost around 1.400 killed and 2,000 wounded