Life and Times of Ancient Rome

Troy Marcus Stamey

Life and Teachings of Jesus

Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in Judea. Jesus was baptized by the prophet known as John the Baptist. As a young man he took a long carpentry. At the age of 30 Jesus began his public ministry. For the next three years preached, taught, did good deeds, and did great miracles. His teachings contained many ideas from Jewish tradition, such as monotheism and the principles of the Ten Commandments. He emphasized on peoples love for God, their neighbors, their enemies, and themselves.

The Death of Jesus

Jesus growing popularity concerned both Roman and Jewish leaders. Crowds greeted him with Messiah the one who came to rescue the Jews. The chief priest denied that Jesus was the Messiah. They said his teachings were blasphemy, or contempt for God. Pilate arrested Jesus and sentenced him to be crucified. After his death Jesus was put into a tomb and three days later he arose from the dead and his spirit ascended to heaven. After that he was referred to as Jesus Christ. Christ meaning savior or messiah.
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