Hawaiian Volcanoes

By: Jonathan Sze

Fun Facts

A few fun facts about thes volcanoes are that the volcanoes are located in Hawaii. The volcanoes are 99,999 cubic miles in total. Many animals live on the volcanoes, some of the animals that live on the volcanoes are turtles, birds, the biggest dragonflies in the U.S., caterpillars, bats, and crickets. There are also several ferns that grow on the island, some of the ferns are a’e fern peer which are found in cracks in endless flows of hardened lava, blazing blooms of ‘ohi’a trees, and towering fronds of giant hapu’u, a tree fern, rise amid a tangle of misty rain forest
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Cost to Enter

The cost to enter the National Park is 15.00 per vehicle for 7 days, $8.00 per individual or bicycle for 7 days, $10.00 per motorcycle for 7 days, and $25.00 Hawai‘i Tri-park Annual Pass.
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There is no lodging on the volcanoes because they might explode.
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Your tears will be filled with the beauty of the volcanoes.

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