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Nov. 18th

Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Save the date! The B&N Book Fair will be on December 11th from 6:00-8:30pm. The evening is tons of fun, and a great fundraiser for the library. During the first week of December I'll put up a volunteer sign up sheet in the lounge. I'm looking to expand our Teacher Wish List this year. If you are interested in doing a Wish List for the Book Fair, please email me a list or stop by the store. If you stop by the store, pick up a green basket and fill it with goodies. Hand the green basket to a cash rep and tell them your name and that it is for the Tibbott Book Fair on Dec. 11th and Eden is expecting it. Easy!

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is coming to Tibbott School during the month of December. All of the students will participate in some type of coding activity in the library during the month of December. However, last year the extended lessons were a blast! I will put a sign up sheet in the lounge for teachers interested in doing an extended coding lesson with his/her class. Participating in the extended activity is a great way to collaborate with me.

Teacher Collaboration Meetings

Thank you to all the teachers who participated in the teacher collaboration meetings with me during first quarter. I will send out invites for the next meeting. I'm looking forward to helping teachers with more fun projects!

Non-Fiction Books

I'm placing another book order soon and would like your input on some non-fiction topics you would like to see more of in the Tibbott Library.