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April 2017 | Enjoy These Resources and Articles!

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In this issue...

Enjoy and learn more about expressive arts and trauma-informed practice...
  • Two-Day Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents at Center for Play Therapy [July Dallas TX] [partial completion of Level One Certificate]
  • Early Registration Deadline/May25, 2017 for Advanced Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level Two, 3-Day Course in Anchorage Alaska [September 6, 7 & 8, 2017]
  • Registration for Ghost Ranch/New Mexico Three-Day Level One Certificate [November 2017]
  • Find links to articles on intergenerational trauma, approaches to support attachment, and mindfulness with children
  • Read about current research on children, domestic violence and creative expression
  • Art therapy and mental health
  • Events, Workshops and Courses
  • Continuing Education Updates
  • Films: "The Power of Play" with Dr. Jaak Panskepp and "Finding Meaning" with Dr. Viktor Frankl

...and links to latest downloadable resources, events and other trauma-informed expressive arts therapy information via our website.

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Click here to register! Early Registration Deadline is May 25th, 2017! Take advantage of the lowest registration fee and join us at the beautiful BP Center in Anchorage Alaska for this three-day course presenting the advanced foundations of trauma-informed practice and the latest research and approaches to expressive arts and play, stress reduction and resilience. Participants will learn art therapy and expressive arts therapy strategies and applications to increase their understanding of trauma-informed approaches, enhance resilience in various client populations and reduce stress responses to trauma and loss and engage in a variety of hands-on arts-based experiences using mind-body, mindfulness, wellness and strength-based best practices grounded in emerging research. The essential practices presented in this course can be applied to individuals of all ages and families, groups and communities from a culturally-responsive, trauma-informed approach.

For those who have completed Level One Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy, this will provide the opportunity for you to complete the Level Two Certificate. If you have not taken Level One, no worries-- you can register for this course and receive a Certificate for Advanced Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy [if you wish you can complete Level One online or at a live presentation at another time and location].

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Participants at BP Center in Anchorage Alaska and Level Graduates! A Wonderful Group of Professionals!

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Register Here for Ghost Ranch Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level One | November 6-7-8 2017

Click here to register! Complete Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level One Certificate at this special offering at historic Ghost Ranch in New Mexico!

This course presents key trauma-informed arts-based and expressive arts therapy strategies and applications to support self-regulation, enhance resilience and reduce stress responses to trauma and loss. Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on experiences [individual and group] using mind-body, mindfulness, self-regulation, wellness, resilience and strength-based best practices grounded in emerging research. The essential practices presented in this course can be applied to individuals of all ages, but particular emphasis is on families, groups and communities from a culturally-responsive, trauma-informed approach

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For more information...

...please contact the Center for Play Therapy directly at (940)-565-3864 during business hours (US Central Time) or visit
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Three-Day "Visual Journaling for Self-Care and Self-Reflection" Prescott College Expressive Arts Therapies Summer Institute, August 10, 11 & 12th/2017 in historic Prescott Arizona

This is a wonderful two week summer institute in the expressive arts that will introduce you to a variety of approaches in a nurturing setting in the high desert. You can register for the entire institute or take these three days and combine this experience with an online course to complete Level One/Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy. More information coming soon! For Registration, please contact Institute Director Camille Smith at

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Continuing Education Updates...

We have a variety of continuing education offerings for learners and participants. But many of you have been asking for more options, so we are exploring continuing education for social workers, psychologists and nurses. If you have a preference or specific need--- please let us know and use our Contact form at this link.

And for our current continuing education offerings, please visit our continuing education page for information.

Complete Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level One, Two or Just take a course...

To date, over 12,000 participants have attended one or more trauma-informed expressive arts therapy workshops and/or taken online courses! Thank you for your support! For more information about these courses, please visit this link. Here are a few of the most popular offerings:

  • Trauma-Informed Art Therapy® and Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy©
  • Resilience, Posttraumatic Growth and Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Practice
  • Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Positive Psychology
  • Expressive Arts Therapy Approaches to Resilience and Stress Reduction

To read more about completing Registration as an Expressive Arts Therapist, please see this link about the REAT.

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The Power of Play...and learn more about the "Rat Tickler" Dr. Jaak Panksepp

The Primal Power of Play
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Thank You Byron Clinic for a Fabulous International Tour of Australia in November 2016!

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Trainings in Australia in 2018!

Coming soon! Check the live courses webpage for information.

How a Pioneer in Art Therapy Helped People Challenged by Mental Illness...

By the mid-twentieth century, asylums were being replaced by mental hospitals where patients were treated with talking and community-based therapies. It was during this period that Edward Adamson, the artist who pioneered the art therapy which affected Molloy so deeply, first started work at the Netherne psychiatric hospital in Surrey. The Adamson Collection, comprising 5,500 resulting artworks, is set to be showcased as part of the Bedlam exhibition.

A trained artist rather than a clinician, Adamson argued that the mind as well as the body should be considered in the treatment of physical ailments, and lectured on the use of paintings in tuberculosis sanatoria. As tuberculosis was tackled and sanatoria closed, the approach was adopted in mental hospitals. Adamson made his first pioneering step into mental health therapy in 1946, when the superintendent at Netherne asked him to establish regular art sessions for patients, in an echo of the theories of Swiss psychiatrist C G Jung who believed art had a healing mechanism. Read more here...

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Finding meaning in difficult times (Interview with Dr. Viktor Frankl)

Video: Finding meaning in difficult times...with Dr. Viktor Frankl

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