Different Types of Wind


Today, I'll be explaining the different types of winds and will be comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between a land and sea breeze

Local Winds

Local winds small scaled winds blowing in a local area or a small area in easy terms. They are caused by an uneven amount of heating in a small area.

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that blow world wide, the blow constantly, and steady, in the same direction constantly. You may learn that the winds do curve and don't go in the same direction 24/7, that is because of the Coriolis Effect.

Differences Between Land and Sea Breezes

Land breezes are winds that blow at night from sea to the land. They are caused by the differences in the cooling rate. Sea breezes are winds much like Land breezes, they are formed by the over water such as lakes or oceans. They are blown onto the surface on land. The Sea Breezes strength depends on the temperature differences between land and ocean. But during the night, these roles are reversed.