Sleep Genius

River Curth

Benefits of Sleep Genius

Sleep Genuis

Sleep Genius allows one to have the perfect amount of sleep. It ideally requires you to go to bed within 15 minutes of the bedtime you target. Sleep Genius researchers have found that most people need 5 cycles of 90 minutes sleep.

Revive Cycle Alarm

The Sleep Genius has an alarm that gradually awakens you throughout 5 minutes. This allows you to create a new waking pattern that help you rise naturally.

Power Naps

Power naps can be essential for one to keep their energy all day. You can set the nap alarm to what ever tim you think is necessary

User Friendly

The Sleep Genius app is very user friendly. It is not complicated and is easy to navigate around. It's free, too! This app would be something I would recommend to a friend who needed help with sleep, or anyone in general. If you are to shut off your phone the app does save your progress. This app does not require personal data.
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My Opinions

This app was a cool experience for me. I thought that the Revive Cycle was beneficial. I was used to be woken up harshly by my alarm, but Sleep Genius woke me up gradually and nicely. I didn't even find anything about the app that i did not like.


Many people who I asked if they wanted to use the app said yes. My friends could benefit off this because Middle Schoolers seems to have sleep trouble and this app could be beneficial.