News from the Nest

August-September 2018

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! The Oak Hill staff is thrilled to have you join us for another wonderful year. Oak Hill Elementary School is a very special and exciting can feel it when you walk through the door.

We have several new additions to our staff this year. I would like to welcome Mrs. Blink to Kindergarten, Mrs. Gaspar as our new nurse, Mrs. Bird as our new Student Support Advisor, Miss Ingebretson to Intense Interventions, Mrs. Campbell to Grade 1, and Mrs. Schaefer to our support staff.

We are always looking for volunteers at Oak Hill. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity at OHE, please complete a background check form and turn it in to the Oak Hill Office. Remember: Anyone wanting to volunteer in any capacity, even chaperoning a study trip, needs to complete this form in order to participate. These forms must be completed on an annual basis.

Wishing you a GREAT year!

Mrs. Stacey Schwuchow


Student Drop-Off Procedures

Student car drop-off begins at 7:30 AM at Door 7. Students should stay in their cars until the adults on duty open Door 7. Access to the driveway is located on Oakley Avenue. The gates will open at 7:15 AM. All parents should remain in their cars while in this line. Please do not make double lines or cut into the line. People who go around others, to move to the front of the line, initiate an unsafe situation. It also creates ill will among those parents who stay in line as requested.

The Main Entry Door to the school is NOT to be used for Student drop-off unless your child is tardy or your student needs help carrying in a large object. The Main Entry Door is NOT to be used to avoid being tardy to school. If you are in the car line, the adults on duty will stay outside until all cars are gone.

Student Pick-Up Procedures

All students are to be picked up at Door 7. Access to the driveway is located on Oakley Avenue. The gate will open at 2:20 PM. Adult supervisors will open Door 7 at 2:30 PM to start the pick-up procedure. Please follow the lane up to the building. All drivers are asked to remain in their cars. Students are loaded 3 cars at a time. Please do not make double lines or cut into the line. Many Oak Hill parents pick-up their children on a daily basis. If everyone follows the procedures, dismissal will go quickly.

Bus Lot Procedures

Please DO NOT park in the North parking lot. This area is designated for bus drop-off and pick-up only.

Classroom Changes

Several of our teachers have moved to new classrooms this year. These staff members have not changed grade levels. Please take note of the following information:

  • Miss Ingebretson - Room 1 Intense Interventions
  • Ms. Alessia - Room 2 Intense Interventions
  • Mrs. Kinnis - Room 3 LRE Facilitator
  • Mrs. Deal - Room 5 Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Tully - Room 4 Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Konradi - Room 6 Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Blink - Room 7 Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Blackman - Room 12 Grade 1
  • Mrs. Wirtz - Room 13 Grade 2
  • Mrs. Campbell - Room 14 Grade 1
  • Mrs. Patterson - Room 15 Grade 2
  • Mrs. Connell - Room 16 Grade 1
  • Mrs. Haskins - Room 19 Grade 2
  • Adventure Club - Room 31
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