Could Your Pet Be Healthier?

Would Animal Chiropractic Work Help?

What is Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (animal chiropractic techniques)?

A therapy that focuses on the nervous system and the control it has over the body and brain. A chiropractic type adjustment is used in areas of the spine and extremities that exhibit lack of motion. These adjustments allow for improved joint motion, assist with muscle spasm, decrease pain, and overall help develop a healthy nervous system. Your pets body needs to move properly to be at it's ultimate!

Who Will Benefit? Every animal!

What does VSMT help with?

Pain, lameness, or trouble moving from old age, injuries, over exertion, or other unknown reasons

Jaw, TMJ problems, issues chewing

Post surgical or anesthesia is always a good time (especially with dentals)

Helping with internal medicine disorders (including bowel and bladder issues)

Disc, joint, muscle, and nerve problems

Behavior issues

Joint and spinal health maintenance and performance optimization

VSMT has the potential to FIX issues instead of turning to chronic medications!

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Dr. Hoffman is a veterinarian who been doing VSMT work since 2009 and has extensive specialized training (over 226 hours) in VSMT techniques.

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