Singapore Travel Tips - How to Cross the Border To Neighboring Malaysia

Singapore is located off the southern pointer of Malaysia. Therefore since of the close proximity to Malaysia, crossing the border from Singapore to Malaysia is really available. The town in Malaysia that is right across the border from Singapore is Johor Bahru (JB for brief) which is in the Johor state in Malaysia. Typically visitors will cross over to JB for food, shopping, and for catching their onward delivers to places further up in Malaysia (such as Melaka and Kuala Lumpur). Here are some travel tips on how to cross the border to Malaysia from Singapore.

There are two borders that connect the two nations. The very first border gate, Woodlands Checkpoint, is situated in the north of Singapore near the Kranji MRT station. This border crossing is the busiest out of the two. In order to cross through Woodlands Checkpoint, you can either take a taxi or take www.singapore-expressbus.com bus.

The taxi can just be taken from the Queens Street Terminal in the Bugis location of Singapore. The reason being is that only cabs found at this terminal have the required licenses that allow them to cross between the 2 nations. Therefore if you attempt to capture a cab elsewhere they will certainly not cross the border, however instead just drop you off at the customizeds at Singapore side only.

Do remember that at Queens Street Terminal you can take both Malaysia and Singapore taxi cabs. The only difference is that if you take a Malaysia taxi taxicab, they can drop you off anywhere in JB, whereas a Singapore taxi cab will just drop you off at Kota Raya II Terminal in JB (which is near the JB city center).

If you are taking public bus, to JB through Woodlands Checkpoint, you can take the bus from Kranji MRT station. There are two popular bus services that go to JB. They are the Causeway Express (the yellow coloured bus), and the Bus # 170 (operated by SBS transport). Something to remember is that during heavy traffic periods and throughout weekends after 10:00 am you can anticipate a big crowd awaiting the bus to Malaysia. For that reason it is advisable to avoid the peak durations should you desire to take the bus.

As for the second border gate, it is located on the west side of Singapore. This checkpoint is referred to as the Second Link, and is less frequented by the residents as crossing through right here is additional away from the JB town hall. So this is something you have to bear in mind of. You can only cross through this border by public bus from where you can board at the Jurong East Bus Interchange, which lies right next to the Jurong East MRT station. The only bus that serves this route is by Causeway Express (likewise a yellow coloured bus).

Crossing through the border from coach sg to kl is made easy by these major ways described above. By keeping in mind of these techniques to cross the border this will assist you to prepare effectively for your trip to Malaysia from Singapore.

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